[cl-review quote=”So the guys over @silvershellbeauty sent me this little beauty and after the busy, busy month I had I was so tired and my face was showing it!
I just want to know what magic is this it’s amazing! So lightweight, soft and silky not greasy but the thing that impressed me most is like the bottle just seems to be never ending I’m not joking ! of course, also the product is cruelty-free I wouldn’t use otherwise but yes I am not joking when I say this is truly great.
It’s cooling and refreshing when you put it on and I have sensitive skin but this was just so refreshing and I’m not kidding I seriously felt like I had an instant facelift ! .
Either that or I was so tired I was delirious, I used on my hands too that’s what I’m saying a little of this goes a long way but I’m not joking when I say I could bathe in this stuff . .
I instantly feel rejuvenated and replenished I think after using it I can see a change and freshness to my skin I’m really very impressed! Thanks sooooo much @silvershellbeauty for this travel beauty.” author=”Carla A.” occupation=”California” type=”quote” layout=”clean”][cl-review quote=”What I really like about the serum is that it’s light and not heavy on my face. I don’t like using lotion on my face or another moisturizer because it feels heavy or makes my face oily and stuff but not this product.
Awesome product🙌🏾🙌🏾” author=”Roxy S” occupation=”Woodbridge, VA” type=”quote” layout=”clean” italic=”1″]
[cl-review quote=”Great makeup starts With GREAT SKIN!! After you’ve rubbed your @silvershellbeauty regenerative serum in and had your eucalyptus steam shower you know today’s gonna be a good day!! I mean it has to be…because I’m claiming it!! Nothing gets done without faith and action. My skin has been a mess these past months so I’ve been doing treatments once a week, exfoliating twice a week, drinking more water and trying to keep my stress down!!! Aside from that, I have a very important launch coming for your guys!! So stay tuned!! Happy Sunday guys🌊💧💦.” author=”Alicia S” occupation=”Los Angeles, Ca” type=”quote” layout=”clean” italic=”1″][cl-review quote=”I wish I could attach a picture with this. but the other day my mom accidentally spilled a cup a very very hot coffee on my toddler and of course I panicked and clean him up right away cooled it down but after that, the 1st thing that I did was grab my bottle of silver shell cream and once he was dried I rubbed it on him it seemed to soothe him and he was OK for a while. I put it on again before bed. And when we woke up the redness and the burn was absolutely diminished. It was I’d say about 50 to 60% healed in the time that he went to bed to the time that he woke up. I can’t say what led me to immediately grab the cream but I do recall seeing pictures of how it helped heal injuries and I cannot say enough good things about silver shell beauty.” author=”Crystal S: Yermo” occupation=”California” type=”quote” layout=”clean” italic=”1″]
[cl-review quote=”Finally, I’m done with my weekend chores, and Now it’s my time to pamper my skin. #selfcaresunday is a perfect excuse to give your skin what it needs.

Since I’ve been trying this routine of Micro Needling and trust me, my skin has become super smooth and supple. I got this regenerative serum by @silvershellbeauty , it felt so good on my skin after I did the Derma Roller. I can really feel the serum going deep into my skin.

I’ll definitely let y’all know how my skin feels in the morning. I can’t wait to share the feedback with y’all.
Have a great start of the week, let’s get work done 🙋🏻‍♀️🔝”” author=”Sally B” occupation=”Chicago, IL” type=”quote” layout=”clean” italic=”1″][cl-review quote=”I look forward to performing my skin care regiment day and night. More than getting my skin Poppin…. it’s time to reflect and love on myself. I play my music, collect my thoughts, even think of the lyrics sometimes☺️…& things I’m grateful for. I’m writing you this to urge YOU to get into self-care. Take these few moments during the day, and at night to care for yourself. Inside and out. it’s good for the soul ☺️☺️❤️I love you. I’m using my regenerative serum by @silvershellbeauty” author=”Bella A” occupation=”Chicago, IL” type=”quote” layout=”clean”]

[cl-review quote=”I won a bottle for Valentine’s day from your company, I’ve tried many products over the last 30 years and none have worked for me. Either the job was not done or because of my sensitive skin I’d break out. This product is amazing no breaking out and I’m already seeing it heal and renew my face. Thank you for the gift and expect a new customer when my bottle is close to running out. Very happy and love my new face cream.
” author=”Lorraine C” occupation=”New York, NY” type=”quote” layout=”clean”][cl-review quote=”For the past couple of years I have been struggling with acne and have tried everything under the sun to make it go away and nothing has worked. Finally I was introduced to the regenerative serum and within days it started to clear up. I could not believe it because I thought it was going to be like all of the other products I’ve tried. I am in love with this product!! I highly recommend it!
” author=”Eileen I” occupation=”Phelan , Ca ” type=”quote” layout=”clean” italic=”1″]
[cl-review quote=” This is hands down the best makeup primer. What I love the most is that it is treating my skin and doubling as a primer. I never use primer because I don’t like the extra step and layer but now this doubles as my skincare and primer. ” author=”Kristan A” occupation=”Palm Beach ,FL” type=”quote” layout=”clean” italic=”1″][cl-review quote=”I received a sample earlier this week and I absolutely love this product. It has amazingly helped with some of my problem areas in only a few days of use. I will be purchasing the full size product and I will definitely recommend this to my friends and family.
” author=”Jazmine K” occupation=”Manassas ,VA” type=”quote” layout=”clean” italic=”1″]
[cl-review quote=”I am on my second bottle! This product is amazing! I had hormonal acne and it’s gone! I get compliments on my skin all the time!” author=”Wanda L” occupation=”Victorville , CA” type=”quote” layout=”clean” italic=”1″][cl-review quote=”This product is awesome! It’s very smooth and light. My skin is very sensitive but this one seems like a winner. Thank you!
” author=”Susie I” occupation=”Stafford, VA” type=”quote” layout=”clean”][cl-review quote=” I like to use the syrum as a primer before I apply my foundation. It’s lighweight and is adds just enough moisture to my dry skin.
” author=”Ingrid R” occupation=”Sacramento, CA” type=”quote” layout=”clean”]